01 August 2009


After watching my twin brother complete a half IRON MAN (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) I don't feel quite as tough saying I've run a marathon. In addition, I thought about all the different sports played between me, Jason, and sister Kelly (through the years): soccer, basketball, football, tennis, golf, softball, volleyball, track, running, swimming, biking and baseball. Because our family has been so "into" sports over the years, I feel qualified in adding this editorial note: The religion with the most adherents in America is not Christianity--it's sports.

Best Athletes

1. Basketball (a 6'10" man has no business being able to dribble a basketball)
2. Football
3. Track and Field

Toughest Performers

1. Rugby
2. Triathletes
3. Football/Hockey

Most Endurance

1. Soccer
2. Marathoners
3. Hockey/Swimmer (that was for Kara)

Toughest Thing To Do in Sports

1. Hit a 90 mph fastball.
2. Golf (if you've ever played, you know what I'm saying).
3. Catch a ball over the middle in football while a stud is about to drop you flat.


Stephanie Corp said...

this post reminds me a fascinating segment that they did once during the summer olympics...they did a study and measured all non-track & field athletes for endurance, strength, etc...guess who was at the top of the list in every category in the study?... gymnasts...i was as surprised as my beloved bob costas was...kara will be glad to know that swimmers came in second place in almost every category...


john alan turner said...

90 mph fastball isn't as hard as you think. it's just timing.

78 mph curveball? that's hard.

Josh Graves said...

Thanks for the information, Steph. That's interesting.

John--any sport that puts you in the hall of fame for doing it well 30 percent of the time is hard in my book.

Russel said...

For your endurance list I'd have to rank rowers (crew, not smooth lake w/a parasol) up there with the best of them.

The 30% of the time is due to mixing the 90 MPH fastball with 78 MPH curves & changeups. If only one pitch was used .333 would be at the bottom of the lineup.