08 August 2009

Tent City

One of the many reasons I'm excited about my new role with Otter Creek Church (beginning September 1st) is their emerging passion for "invisible people." Check out this short clip in preparation for a special concert by music legend Phil Keaggy. Doug Sanders' passion for the 'least of these' is contagious.


Phil said...

Many people, myself included, have been inspired by Doug's work, which is also a continuation of work done by many Otter Creekers for many years. My prayer is for this kind of work to become a more defining one in my life as well as many other Otter Creekers.

courtney strahan said...

josh, when i come to visit you and kara, we need to go here. i want to hang out in tent city sometime.

Michael said...

The reception and concert were very inspirational. We were blessed after the concert in meeting face to face with the folks from Tent City and being able to share fresh produce grown at our Otter Creek Community garden! They were so thankful and we were SO blessed!