24 January 2006

The Reasons I love Kara

I have been married for about a year and half now. I'm certainly no expert, in fact, some days I believe I'm getting worse :)

Here are some reasons I love my wife.

1. She's the most innocent person I've ever been around. She reminds me of how tainted I've become along the way and the need for purity and holiness in my life.

2. She is constantly aware of our relationship. While I tend to conquer other battles and come up with ideas for everything under the sun--Kara is thinking about me.

3. Kara is one of the funniest people I know. Whether it is her infamous attitude which reminds me "I might be the head, but she's the neck on which the head turns," or her constant one-liners that remind me I am not nearly as important to the affairs of the universe as I often convince myself I am. Kara is the missing charactrer in "Everybody Loves Raymond."

4. Kara loves to watch NFL games (and now Piston games) more than I do! She knows the schedule, time, etc. before I get home from work.

5. Kara lives and breathes relationships. While I like to lock myself away--Kara is talking, writing, thinking about people. She reminds me that we were created for community.

6. Kara has allowed me to be who I am without conforming to her desires from a husband. I have strange passions, probably not what she imagined her husband to be fixated with when she daydreamed as a little girl.

7. She's also put her foot down to let me know when my independent spirit violates our covenant--she gives me grace without letting me walk all over her.

More than the previous, I love Kara because she is a living reminder to me that I am a chid of a God who pursues me in my weakest moments; in my darkest hour. She is a living reminder of the grace that Jesus pours out without stipulation or reservation.

Thanks Kara for for eighteen months, seven days, one hour, 12 minutes of a glimpse of what God has in store for creation.

15 January 2006


Here are some prayer requests from the working poor and homeless of Metro Detroit ministered to by God's Helping Hands. These prayers are honest, raw, and telling. In some ways, the wealthy (myself included) pray the same--in many ways, my prayers are so different.

Jennifer Z. ~ That my soon to be ex-husband will start to support his children. He walked out on us when I was 3 1/2 months pregnant.

Arlyn W. ~ That we get our trailer back in shape from the fire on Thanksgiving Day 2005.

Monetta T. ~ Family needs residents, stability, and healing.

Cyntha T. ~ pray for me and my children.

Tanisha S. ~ Like to pray for my family and friends. A special prayer for Ms. Lavonnda who stays in Detroit that needs help with her utility bill, they have been cut off.

Dorothy R. ~ Prayers.

Shakera P. ~ To have a home of my own after the holidays.

Quanshay M. ~ I want me and everybody in my family to be blessed and I need a job.

Deborah M. ~ Just to find work, happiness, to settle down with someone special, and family.

Regina M. ~ Please pray for me financially. Pray that God will bless my family with a home.

Theresa K. ~ God please look out for me on Christmas day, for my son David and me will we not have the good Christmas we want. Thank you, God.

Pamela K. ~ That God would help us out and that I can find a job.

Darrell J. ~ For a job, health, and guidance.

Linda F. ~ For God to help us with financially and food.

Patricia D. ~ I have no way to buy gifts for my child so I pray that a miracle come before Christmas. So she does not wake up with nothing.

Twanna D. ~ I pray that me and my family turn our lives over to God 100 %. Pray that there will be peace with me and my children.

Tina C. ~ Please say a prayer for my family since we are homeless.

Jeniett B. ~ That me and my children continue to grow stronger. That I receive a job so that I can stop using unemployment. That me and my children continue to have good health.

Mark B. ~ Pray for all my family with the coping of the loss of my grandmother. She was a victim of the Lake George accident.


"Oh God: Help us to see those around us as you see them. Help us to weep over the things that cause you to weep. Break our hearts with the things that break your heart. Hear our prayer."

13 January 2006

In my freshmen Intro to the New Testament class this semester, I have students from across the religious spectrum. Here is how the class breaks down (I will have about 65 students total so the numbers might be off a bit):

1. Non-denominational (non Churches of Christ): 17
2. Churches of Christ (9)
3. Baptist (7)
4. Roman Catholic (6)
5. Lutheran (5)
6. Pentecostal (4)
7. Non-believer (1)
8. Methodist (2)
9. Christadelphia (1)
10. Unsure (5)
11. Didn't vote (5)

I am not interested in converting these students to the tenets of Churches of Christ. I am interested in engaging all of them in the person of Jesus.

This class will seek to allow the world of the New Testament to absorb the world we find ourselves in. The class will discuss the basic features of the Christian faith as presented in the New Testament. Special attention will be given to the Gospel in relation to mission, discipleship, poverty, salvation, trinity, and the church. The class will emphasize the uniqueness of the four Gospels (Mark, Matthew, Luke and John); and the various writings of St. Paul and St. John. On occasion, the class will attempt to discuss the Christian faith in light of postmodernity and major world religions. It is my desire to capture the students’ imagination and appreciation for the story of Jesus (the Gospels) and the story of the Jesus Movement (the Church).

I understand the level of exposure to Christianity will be of great diversity. I will do whatever I can to assist you in making this class a powerful experience. Not only am I committed to providing pertinent information, but it is my desire for each of you to experience transformation.