25 August 2009


Sunday night, friends and family came together to "send the Graves family off Nashville style." For Michigan folks, it was pretty convincing. It was quite a scene. I told Kara, on the way to the gathering, that "there's little chance I'll cry tonight." When I walked into the room to see everyone who'd shown for the event, I made myself a liar almost instantly.

The room consisted of cowboy hats, boots, sweet tea, great country music from Mitch Washer and Paul Bobo . . . Ashley Harrison, childhood friend, brought out tears with his remarks and slideshow/video at the end . . . but the Barton family stole the show.

Not known for their musical abilities, the Barton Family caught us off guard.They took classic Motown music (Seger, Motown, Madonna) and turned them into country songs about Josh and Kara. The highlight for me was John Barton's remake of a well-known Marvin Gaye song. The lyrics will give that song away.

When Josh gets to preaching, we get spiritual healing . . .
Makes us feel so right . . . eous
Helps us walk in the light
Spiritual healing in the body (that's Christ's Body),
it's something that's good for us
Get up . . . Get up . . . lets all go to church
Wake up . . . wake up . . . cause Josh's preaching works.

A close second was Barton's re-do of a Madonna song called, "Like a Theologian" . . . here's an excerpt:

Like a theologian (oooohh), preaching for a really long time
Like a theologian, quoting Brueggemann and N.T. Wright,
quoting Henri Nouwen, Barbara Brown Taylor,
Did I mention Brueggemann?

We're heading down the road in a few days for a new journey. We're taking the friendships and memories from Rochester Church with us to cherish every day. Ministry is a job almost impossible to explain. Because, in most ways, it's not a job, it's your life. It's people. Stories. Difficulty. Joy. Celebration. Disaster. And in the midst of all if it you forget that as you've been giving yourself away week after week after week, others have been doing the same for you and your family.


phil said...

Great title for the blog; by the way
I think there are a couple prophets known for weeping.

Peace to your family during this transition.

Donna said...

God's speed and best wishes to you and your family. May you touch and be touched as powerfully in Tenn. as in Michigan.

Josh Ross said...

I'm excited for you guys.
I'm having trouble picturing you in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.

Keith Brenton said...

<insert one of your dad-in-law's Celtic traveling prayers here>

Seriously, may God continue to bless you, your family, and all whom He reaches through you in your new ministry.

Josh Graves said...

Thanks for the kind words friends.